dry eye

Dry Eye Products


We curate the most effective range of at-home therapies for our patients.

Donald Korb is the inventor of two commonly used dry eye products: Systane Balance™ and Soothe XP™

  • Eyes Are the Story

  • EyeSeals and Onyix™ sleeping mask

  • Zenia and Panoptyx™ dry eyeglasses

  • Lid cleansing products such as Tea Tree oil lid shampoos, and hypochlorous acid formulations such as Ocusoft and Avenova™ cleanser

  • Warm compress towels

  • Tranquileyes and TranquilEyes XL heating masks

  • Stye kits

  • DERM Mask

  • NuLids lid cleaning device

  • Custom micro-environment prescription glasses and sleeping masks are available

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