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Dr Amy Nau & Team at Korb & Associates have helped greatly to resolve a dry eye condition that was becoming problematic—while she dispensed such interesting snippets about eye structure and function (and aging/deterioration) that I hope she is able to take ample opportunities to speak to high school assemblies, inspiring students to explore career opportunities in optometry and ophthalmology: she is great. My thanks to all at Korb & Associates for their important work, shedding new light on how we can see better, more easily, longer.

Donald Korb has been my optometrist for decades and I recommend him to everyone I know. He's the go-to-guru for people with complicated prescriptions! He also has a great sense of humor!

The doctor and staff at Korb & Associates were amazing. They thoroughly evaluated my condition, came up with a treatment plan, explained their reasoning, and gave me very clear instructions. I felt like the doctor and staff really cared, and I did not feel rushed through anything. This is exactly what one should expect from a medical practice, but I've struggled to get the same treatment from other practices. I'm extremely happy that I found Korb & Associates.

Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable professionals. Listened well and answered all my questions. My eye health is in capable hands.

The team at Korb & Associates have been caring for the health of my eyes for nearly sixty years. They mailed new contact lenses to me in Europe when mine were broken, and I feel as if they are a critical component of my medical family. You can’t find a more thorough group of men and women to care for your eyes than those at Korb.

Dr. Korb worked so hard to help me find contact lenses that work for me so that I don't have to wear my glasses all of the time. I was not easy to fit, but he persisted until he found a set that I can wear comfortably with great vision--thank you! And thanks to Teri and Angel too for always being so nice to me. My eyes are in excellent hands at Korb & Associates.

I had an excellent experience with K&A's Dr. Nau and staff. Dr. Nau is amazing and did an outstanding job. She significantly improved my vision on my right eye with cutting-edge contact lense technology (EyePrintPro), and set me on the right path. Thank you so much to Dr. Nau and K&A staff!

Igor Rafael Sandrea

Dr. Amy Nau is extremely responsive, thorough and knowledgeable.

As just one example - she has "tailored" music-reading glasses for me that have very significantly improved my instrumental playing and - more important - enjoyment!

I had my first appointment today and thought everyone was great. Very professional. I was there just over 3 hours though and wasn’t expecting that. (Pre-exam testing, exam, contacts, glasses, some waiting). They were great though. Dr. McCloud, Jeremy, Eleni, all great.

They were recommended by two coworkers and I’m very happy I went. Would recommend.

I would recommend they get new exam chairs though as the one I was in was probably from the 70’s and not very comfortable.

The quality of the people and service can’t be beat. Dr. Korb is not only an excellent practitioner and researcher, he is a kind and caring person. The whole team reflects the standards the office sets.

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