Relieving Dry Eyes with LipiFlow

Many people all over experience eye pain and irritation due to a condition called dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes usually feel itchy or scratchy, with the individual experiencing sensitivity to light. Over time, the symptoms can interfere with an individual’s daily life. People with dry eyes find it almost impossible to wear contacts. If not treated, dry eyes can cause serious eye health and vision problems. Fortunately, there is a solution to the dry eyes condition.


LipiFlow for Dry Eyes

LipiFlow is an FDA-approved treatment that can be used to alleviate the problem of dry eyes. The treatment procedure is short, effective, and non-invasive. Positive results can be experienced for up to one year. If you have tried regular eye drops and compresses, you know that the results are limited. Most treatments offer temporary relief for chronic dry eyes. LipiFlow is proving to be very effective for evaporative dry eye and other severe eye conditions.


How Does LipiFlow Work

LipiFlow works by addressing the most common issue that causes dry eye symptoms. Meibomian Gland disease (MGD) is a condition where the meibomian glands become dysfunctional or obstructed. The glands are responsible for the production of lipids or oils that prevent tears from evaporating prematurely off the eyes. If the glands are obstructed, the tears do not have oil, and this causes them to evaporate too fast. LipiFlow helps to unblock the glands, with the heat and massage function, helping to restore normal secretion of the oil.


The LipiFlow Treatment

The LipiFlow treatment takes an average of 12 minutes. During the treatment, controlled heat will be applied to the inner eyelids where the meibomian glands are located. This is followed by a gentle massage on the outer eyelids. This procedure helps to remove gland blockage while also allowing the resumption of oil production. Before the treatment begins, the eyes are numbed to ensure complete comfort, and the eyelids are cleaned carefully.


Comfortable Treatment Process

As the treatment begins, you will sit reclined in a comfortable chair. The LipiFlow eye unit is placed into the eyes before you gently close your eyes. As treatment begins, you will experience some gentle sensations. You may feel intermittent pulses, warming, and continual pressure. The 12-minute procedure is divided into two cycles of six minutes. The procedure is comfortable and completely painless, and you can go home soon after the treatment. You will return to the clinic one month after the treatment for a follow-up and progress check.


Benefits of the Treatment

The LipiFlow treatment is simple, painless, and non-invasive. Most people experience relief a few days after the treatment. You will have noticeable improvement between four to six weeks after the treatment. The effects of treatment continue to be felt for one year. Unlike other solutions that offer temporary relief, the treatment addresses the root cause of the dry eye condition. Patients experience improved gland function, leading to healthy tear films.


LipiFlow helps in the management of dry eye syndrome or disease. Apart from providing relief, it helps to halt the cycle of deterioration. According to studies, more than 79 percent of patients treated using this technology experience improvement. It is important to get regular eye examinations to ensure good eye health.


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