The Importance of Keeping Your Eye Prescription Up-to-date

Has it been a while since you last visited your eye doctor? Perhaps you are unsure if you are wearing the correct prescription anymore, but your glasses are still fine, right? Maybe not. 

Do You Need a Prescription Change?


It is common for individuals to use corrective eyewear with out-of-date prescriptions. Mostly, that has to do with skipping or stalling another eye exam. However, there is a good reason for the expiry dates of prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

Regular eye exams are essential even if your vision remains unchanged. After all, it is often challenging to discern minor changes and deterioration in eyesight. A small change in prescription may be necessary to avoid eyestrain and provide the clearest vision.

Why You Need to Update Your Prescription


Vision loss can have a devastating effect on your daily routine. If your eyesight is getting blurry, it will help to check your eyes for an eyeglass prescription. After years of use, your eyeglasses may have scratches and other problems affecting your eyesight. 

You may need a new prescription due to decreased or increased eye grade. Having a prescription that does not optimize your vision may hasten your eyesight’s degradation. Hence, it is best to determine whether you need an update. It would help if you considered updating your prescription to prevent the following problems and conditions:

Blurred Vision


Blurry or foggy vision is the most obvious indicator that your glasses or contact lenses are not doing their job correctly. It is time to undergo an eye exam if objects begin to blur to avoid other problems, such as headaches and difficulty driving.

Eye Fatigue


When your prescription no longer works properly, your eyes will work harder than usual. You will start squinting to see things clearly, straining your eyes. Eye fatigue is similar to tiredness and can lead to difficulty concentrating and maintaining your daily routine. A prescription update can help relieve these symptoms.

Mild to Severe Headaches


One of the early signs of vision degradation is frequent headaches. Eyestrain will result from wearing the wrong prescription. Your endless effort to see clearer will wear out your eye muscles, causing headaches. Consequently, your headaches will be a regular reminder that you need to visit an optometrist. 

Light Sensitivity


Do you close or shield your eyes or squint when exposed to bright light? If so, you may require a new prescription. You should discuss your light sensitivity symptoms with your optometrist if they hinder your daily activities. 

Your eyes are constantly changing, so it is unlikely that your prescription will remain the same for many years. If your glasses are more than a year old, it will help to visit your optometrist. An annual checkup is essential to ensure your prescription is still working correctly. 

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